BLOG - Holy moly, where did this huge poker tournament come from?

BLOG - Holy moly, where did this huge poker tournament come from?

Monday, 17 May 2010

I was reading an interesting article about theoretical immortality recently - sounds a lot more intellectual than it actually was - and it raised a good point about perception of time.

You know how as a kid, an hour is the longest time ever? The article said that as you get older your perception of time shifts - a 2,000 year old man might see decades pass in days.

Well, I'm getting old because I swear that the 2009 WSOP only just finished and yet here we are. Sure, the November Nine concept means we definitely have to wait less but I mostly remember 2009's 40th WSOP because it was so damn memorable.

Vitaly Lunkin, Steve Sung, Jason Mercier, Daniel Alaei, Phil Ivey, Phil Ivey, Phil Ivey, Jeff Lisandro, Jeff Lisandro and Jeff Lisandro were just some of the big stars that netted bracelets. And yes, the last two got three apiece.

I hope to hell that the 2010 WSOP lives up to it. Event #2 I'm particularly looking forward to - the revamped $50k HORSE is now an 8-game Players' Championship. I hope you all read yesterday's blog about the UIGEA; I hope it doesn't affect attendance too badly. I'm not ready to accept that the poker boom is over, not while I'm still playing.

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