BLOG – High Stakes Prop Bets – sorry, Poker

BLOG – High Stakes Prop Bets – sorry, Poker

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The latest episode of High Stakes Poker was bloody good for a number of reasons. There were plenty of interesting hands – for example, Negreanu exposing the nine of his 9h-6h then catching his gutshot to make the nuts – and plenty of interesting table talk.

Gus Hansen has now reinforced my belief that he’s a fellabud I’d love to go for a pint with. He seems to be, as the French say, le truly funny fu**er. During the debates over the now-infamous vegetarian prop bet, he considered a celibacy bet. When Ivey said the eating bet wouldn’t count if he accidentally ate meat, Hansen said regarding his celibacy: “what if I accidentally, like, fe- (GSN censored this so all you heard was *beeeeeeeeep*) – oops, sorry ma’am!” You get it, it was hilarious.

The main talking point, however, was Phil Ivey’s new prop bet with Tom Dwan. Dwan bet Ivey $1,000,000 that he couldn’t survive on a vegetarian diet for a year. I think he’s burning money.

Firstly, it’s vegetarian and not vegan. That means eggs, milk and cheese are still on the cards. Also, there’s plenty of meat substitutes that are very similar to meat, especially if cooked in a curry or stew.

Don’t get me wrong, I love meat. I’m probably going to go eat a steak after writing this, just because. But $1m for a year of no meat? Easy. That’s like $3,000 a day for not eating meat. I could happily eat vegetable curries and fried eggs for a year.

Also, Ivey said he was thinking of becoming a vegetarian anyway and this would be added incentive. It’s mind-boggling to realise just how bad Dwan has it in this bet.

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