BLOG – High Stakes Poker second line-up

BLOG – High Stakes Poker second line-up

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

After a huge pot between Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey, the table was shuffled around and new faces were introduced to High Stakes Poker.

Dwan, Ivey and Negreanu join us from the first line-up while regulars Barry Greenstein and Patrik Antonius sit down too. New faces there are PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis, Andrew “good2cu” Robl and WSOP November Niner Dennis Phillips.

Andrew Robl is hardly a shock – though he’s not a presence in the nosebleed online games so much any longer he still has a commanding poker game and the money to sit there. How he will do is anyone’s guess – he folded Kh-Jh out of position getting over 3-1 which I was surprised at. That’s not a very Internet Player thing to do, Andrew.

Lex Veldhuis has only been in the action really with a failed bluff against Patrik Antonius. I wasn’t too familiar with him before this, knowing only that he was online player RaSzi. The Dutchman plays high stakes online and does well, so he should hold his own here.

He pointed out that Negreanu, as a live player, plays too few hands, that he has never had a Royal Flush. It shocked me, too – over a 20-year career playing cards how can you never have a Royal? I’ve probably played less than 250,000 hands in my life and I’ve had two or three.

Now, Dennis Phillips – what are you doing here, mate? I hope PokerStars are backing you for this because you’re a bit out of your depth. I won’t say you might as well put Darvin Moon there because Phillips actually has some poker fundamentals but still, he’s going to get destroyed.

Bluff Europe readers, I will offer 4/1 odds that Phillips will not make a six-figure bluff or semi-bluff over the next five episodes. Any takers post in the High Stakes Poker thread.

Now, that’s done – I’m off to enjoy this rare good weather with a nice ride down some country roads. If I don’t post on Friday it’s because I’ve been smeared into the asphalt.

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