BLOG: High Stakes; Higher Ambitions

BLOG: High Stakes; Higher Ambitions

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Yeah, OK, if I’m going to pick a poker professional to be then jungleman12 isn’t the obvious choice. Why not Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey? Not only are they the best players in the world but they make eight figures a month from Full Tilt Poker.

Well, yeah, if we’re literally wishing then that’s the sure bet but I’d probably change my wish to “I wish I was super rich”. The reason I want to be jungleman12 is because he’s certainly rich enough – a bit of research tells me he was playing $25/$50 and killing years ago and in the past year he’s up $1.1m on Full Tilt after playing the nosebleeds against the likes of Isildur1 and durrrr. Yet he doesn’t have to travel the world playing in live tournaments to promote Full Tilt Poker or sign autographs at casinos. I want to be that guy – basically, I wish I was super rich.

It boggles me how people play that high. I’ve discussed the psychological aspect of million-dollar swings in a previous blog but I’m referring to the technical ability needed. Speaking as someone for whom $2/$4 is a lofty goal it boggles my mind how one can possibly become good enough at poker to rise from the microstakes games, beat the tough midstakes then enter the hardest games in the world at $5/$10 and above.

Oh yeah, practise. Still, it’s going to take me a while to get this $114.29 in my PokerStars account up to a reasonable bankroll for even $0.05/$0.10; let alone my 21st birthday goal of a bankroll (40+ buy-ins) for $0.25/$0.50. So, proposition: one lucky Bluff Europe reader can stake me $600, I’ll clear up a deposit bonus at William Hill within the month and send you the $600 back plus 40% of my profits at the ring games. I’m a 7BB/100 winner over 60,000 hands of NL25 and NL10 so this is the best investment you’ll make ever. Really, ever.

I bet the Bluff Europe offices will be absolutely swimming in offers... or not. Back to the $2.20 HU SnGs for me, then...

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