BLOG - Festivals of all shapes and sizes

BLOG - Festivals of all shapes and sizes

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pinch, punch, first day of the month. I would apologise for my absence since last Tuesday but I'm sure none of you noticed or cared. I've been having a remarkably poker-free week, being too busy turning 21 (watch out, Vegas!) at Reading festival to be concerned with such trivialities.

I was pleased to see upon my return, though, that Daniel "jungleman12" Cates and Tom "durrrr" Dwan began their 50,000 hand competition on my birthday (August 26, a card would be belated but nice). I'll get the Reading summary out of the way quickly so we can get back to poker-related matters.

It was my sixth in a row which was pretty cool. Guns n' Roses were awful which was not pretty cool - the music itself was not at all bad but they were 58 minutes late and the crowd hated it (Axl specifically) so there was an eerie silence after each song. Not even boos. I love GnR so it was like seeing a once proud and mighty war veteran toddling down the street on a zimmer frame and pooing himself. Blink 182 were my guilty pleasure while Dizzee Rascal rocked my socks off.

Now that's over and done with again (it happens so quickly) we're more concerned at Bluff Europe with poker festivals, specifically Poker in the Park which kicks off on Thursday and I can't bloody wait. I'm booking myself in for the London Poker Meetup tournament so those guys can all take the piss out of me again and the Nuts tournament so I can badger them to put my online column in the magazine.

As for lecturers, I don't know how I'll fit them all in. There's a real armada of poker talent teaching their stuff in Leicester Square tomorrow and Friday so I don't know how I'll get round it all. I can only confirm that Neil Channing will be attended.

Oh, and if you want to say hello then I'll be the tall guy with the messy hair and the debatable facial hair keeping quiet and mooching around dressed in dark colours. Feel free to ask me to sign the copy of Bluff Europe that you will inevitably pick up, it might be worth something when I die.

See you there, readers.

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