BLOG - Even poker writers get Bank Holidays....

BLOG - Even poker writers get Bank Holidays....

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I usually blog on Mondays but I'm upholding my right to a Bank Holiday
Monday, dammit. I mean, at Uni I'm a workshy little waster anyway so
weekends have little significance but that's totally besides the point.

I spent the weekend getting blazed (after being horrifically drunk on
Friday) and watched Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior again. My God, what a
film. Tony Jaa is the most incredible human being; he runs two full
steps up a wall without wires; he runs across crowds of people by
using them as stepping stones and he finishes off the last tough evil
guy with the most crazy knee strike imaginable. Just go on YouTube and
watch the first result for "Ong Bak first fight".

What Tony Jaa does to dozens in Ong Bak (and Warrior King, for that
matter) is similar to what Tom "durrrr" Dwan is inflicting on Patrik
Antonius at the moment. Down over $1.8m in the first Durrrr Challenge
with almost 80% of the hands played, it's difficult to imagine that
Antonius thinks a win is possible.

I imagine the only reason he hasn't bought out of the bet yet is
because he wants to win back at least SOME of the $500,000 he'll have
to pay Dwan in a couple of weeks, if that. Then again, we don't know
what deals go on in the high stakes poker community - perhaps Antonius
bought out already and they're playing the last 11,024 hands for show?

Screw it, I'm still watching...

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