BLOG – Durrrr vs. Jungleman12, London poker in September

BLOG – Durrrr vs. Jungleman12, London poker in September

Monday, 2 August 2010

Finally! After coming up to two years of Tom “durrrr” Dwan taking on Patrik Antonius across four $200/$400 Omaha tables (in tiny, tiny sessions) it seems the two have resolved to get the last 20 per cent of hands over with so that Dwan can take on jungleman12.

It’s agreed that after Dwan inevitably wins a total of more than $2m (including the $500,000 side bet) from Antonius he will be playing heads-up master jungleman12 for the next 50,000 hands. My official prediction is $200/$400 NL but if jungleman12 is feeling confident after a $2m 2010 he may step it up to $300/$600, who knows?

Who the hell is this jungleman12 geezer anyway, you ask. He’s recently been taken on by CardRunners as an instructor and first came to prominence in the high stakes online games after losing half a million to Isildur1 back in November. My God, how quickly has the year gone? It’s been just ten months since Dwan lost $5m to the mysterious Swede.

The real name of Jungleman12 is Daniel Cates and he is a 20-year-old economics student at the University of Maryland. He began playing heads-up games in high school, underrolled and close to broke as kids are wont to do. After a successful session of heads-up cash games, he switched from Sit n Goes to heads-up NL exclusively. A heads-up specialist, he began playing heads-up $0.25/$0.50 in 2008 and by 2009 was playing $10/$20 before moving up the dizzying heights of the nosebleed stakes to his regular spot in the $100/$200 and $200/$400 games.

The formidable foe has a good track record against Dwan, having won several hundred thousand from the 23-year-old Full Tilt Pro. He has stated that he moved up the stakes by taking on all comers, even the winning regulars, until he could consistently beat them.

So, has durrrr found a worthy opponent? Possibly, though we can never underestimate the might of Dwan. Jungleman12 definitely has a better-than-average chance of winning though – more so than Antonius did – and this would be the jewel in his heads-up crown.

I would like to round off this blog by wishing the best of luck to my mate, also called Matt but for the next four months known as Senior Aircraftsman Jackson as he runs around Afghanistan fixing the Taliban-killin’ miniguns and stuff. Let’s hope he runs above expected value and below expected bullets.

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