BLOG – David Vamplew goes zero to hero. Can I?

BLOG – David Vamplew goes zero to hero. Can I?

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

David Vamplew is running pretty good at the moment, to say the least. Think back to this time last week – at the time he was just an average guy in his early 20s; he had a maths degree from Edinburgh University and he played $2/$4 and $3/$6 online. Like thousands of others, he was a faceless grinder who spent time deconstructing his opponents at the tables with the use of a big monitor and a HUD – presumably.

The point is, he was just some guy. A good poker player, undoubtedly, if he was beating mid-stakes, but just some guy nevertheless. Flash forward – he’s won not only the EPT London for a cool £900,000 but he is now crowned the UKIPT Champion of Champions and thus will be entering every UKIPT event for free; including a title defence at the EPT. Jammy sod.

But then, it’s a bit of a Moneymaker effect at work here because I, like many others, am thinking – well if he can do it... I’m sure he’s much better than me simply because he plays higher limits and judging from his performance in both the EPT and the UKIPT Champion of Champions he is a winning player. But still – all you need is a lucky satellite win, some run good and a bit of skill then you too could win a major tournament.

Of course my sights are set a little lower – next Monday we begin the BadBeat Journalist Challenge with MyPokerLab, which I would very much like to win. That’d give me a nice cash injection plus entry to a UKIPT event. Which I would then win.

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