BLOG – CardRunners taking casualties

BLOG – CardRunners taking casualties

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

“As of June 1st I will no longer be a lead instructor at CardRunners. I will still be around in the capacity that I was before I joined CardRunners as a lead instructor. You can find me in the forums participating in discussion as well as watching the videos.”

It does beg questions about the future of what was once considered the pinnacle of video training sites. Personally, I was thinking about returning to the site because I used to be a member before I had to cancel my membership after going broke (literally, not poker-wise). They did have some really awesome videos and covered every aspect of poker I was interested in.

Thing is, now Cole South and Brian Townsend are both gone. They’re both primo poker players and instructors – in fact; I distinctly remember the first CardRunners video I watched. It was Cole South playing a fairly high level of heads-up and one of the first hands saw his opponent shove thousands on the river. South, holding ace high (A-4, no less, so not even the nut high hand) moved to the fold button before saying: “... actually... yeah, I think I’m going to look him up here. He shoved, like, really fast.” He called, won a five-figure pot and I was sold.

I also really enjoyed Brian Townsend’s videos; he’s an excellent teacher and – like South – had a knack for explaining himself in a manner that was really easy to understand. Now they’re gone I actually don’t see a lot of point in returning to CardRunners.

I’m very happy presently with my membership. It features videos from Dusty “leatherass9” Schmidt and Matt “mbolt1” Bolt who were both acclaimed coaches at StoxPoker back in the day. Both they and Hunter Bick are excellent video instructors, Hunter especially has a tendency to go into massive detail yet make it easily understood. You’ll have seen some of his textual reams in a recent edition of Bluff Europe.

Speaking of Mr Leatherass, he recently completed a goal of earning $100,000 in May. Some came from VPPs, some from backing friends in tournaments but mostly from cash games. That’s now his WSOP bankroll and he plans to play as many NLHE events as possible. I’m not going to say my money’s on him to win a bracelet, if only because I realise betting on NLHE events is as much of a lottery as the events themselves, but I certainly wouldn’t bet against him.

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