BLOG – CardRunners is five years old; old enough to start school itself

BLOG – CardRunners is five years old; old enough to start school itself

Monday, 6 December 2010

Read this. I wrote this three whole entire years ago when CardRunners was around 18 months old and people seriously worried that the slew of new online poker training sites were going to kill online poker by making everyone solid. Have a look:

“Poker is getting harder. It’s official; people far cleverer than me have said so. If, like me, you’re a member of 2+2, you’ll surely have heard a high-stakes God wax lyrical about the ‘glory days’ of party poker when even NL1000 was softer than your lover’s breast. Taylor Caby has said that the $3/$6NL games of today play like the $25/$50NL games of yore, so when will it end? Will there not one day be a point where every table is filled up with CardRunners subscribers?

“Actually, I think we’ll be alright to be honest. There’s a vast wealth of learning material out there in the shape of video training sites, major poker forums and more books than you can shake a stick at. But people are idiots, they won’t use them. Think about the common chav – he could go to school, get smart and get a job but he’s just genetically predisposed to spray-painting things and happyslapping the elderly. In that same way, there are thousands of players with money to burn who just won’t bother getting better.”

Is that not a damn near Nostradamic level of precognitive abilities? No? Shut up. It is. Online poker is still very much beatable and if you are still after five years not a member of any video training site then you should slap yourself. Do it. Now.

Seriously, watching Brian Townsend explain how to crush midstakes games on CardRunners makes me feel how Luke Skywalker must have done when being taught by Yoda, one of the greatest Jedi Masters of all time. Except, in this scenario, Luke can also speak with Mace Windu and Qui-Gon Jinn; watch their videos as well as Yoda’s and learn a variety of Jedi powers, not just Hold ‘em. Also, he doesn’t have to fly into a swamp. That’s a massive bonus.

Sorry, my analogies run away with themselves sometimes. Moving on… get a video training subscription. It will be one of the best investments you'll ever make.

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