BLOG - BadBeat/MyPokerLab Journalist Challenge

BLOG - BadBeat/MyPokerLab Journalist Challenge

Monday, 11 October 2010

In the words of The Lion King's wise old mandrill, Rafiki; "it is time". Today is the official commencement of the MyPokerLab Journalist Challenge in association with sponsorship site BadBeat.

Myself and four other esteemed poker writers (yeah, I'm esteemed) will be given $X per day and, following the bankroll management rules given to us by BadBeat, will have to attempt to run up as much profit as possible in 20,000 hands.

With that sample size a big factor will be who runs hottest and who tilts least. I hope to fulfill both of those requirements and take it down; there's a £550 UKIPT package plus £450 expenses in it for both the winning journalist and their mentor.

I've been doing a bit of research on my mentor and I can't find many tournament results attached to his name - however, the ones I find seem to be deep runs, wins and final tables. My initial read is that he is a successful online cash player who dabbles in tournaments - it's my first read of this challenge and could set the tone. Maybe.

Of course, this isn't the best time to start a serious poker grind for me - I'm writing this from Bristol after a mate's 21st (happy birthday Harry) and another mate has managed to give me some sort of manflu. Great.
I think I'll have the night off tonight and get grinding tomorrow morning. I've recently converted to Hold 'em Manager from PokerTracker 3 as well and so far I'm finding it great. The HUD is incredibly simple and effective and with some configuration you can play 12 tables and have all the necessary stats at your fingertips. Another cool feature is that it shows you the hands you have been 3-betting or 4-betting or check-raising flops with, colour-coded according to frequency.

Getting a balanced and merged range has never been easier, but at the microstakes games I'm sure that I can get away without it.

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