BLOG – Ask the right questions...

BLOG – Ask the right questions...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I’m still dying, let’s get that out of the way. Less so than yesterday, but still dying quite a bit. Probably six out of ten on the death scale. Yeah, that’s a thing. Anyway, if you haven’t already check out the video recorded by Team PokerStars Online member Daleroxxu of Jimmy Carr with professional poker player Michael “Wazz” Piper, a high stakes online cash player.

It’s hilarious, obviously, because Jimmy Carr is hilarious. Describing Piper as a homeless Jude Law is a nice touch as well as “judging from how you’re dressed I assume you’ve never won a game.” It’s generally pretty funny but Wazz handles himself really well – were I pretentious enough as a few people on Two Plus Two and think he ‘represented poker’ well I would say that. I’m not so I won’t, though.

Really all that Piper needed to say was “I won €345,000 at EPT San Remo in April” in order to completely own but he’s a nicer guy than that. It did make me laugh when Carr asked if he was up on the year, though. He’d had to have had a terrible run after that score to have a losing 2010. I wonder if Liv Boeree is still up on the year?

Anyway, the point of this blog is that I think Jimmy Carr is quite intelligent. This makes sense – like professional poker player, stand-up comedian is an occupation where intelligence is pretty much a prerequisite for success. And if Matthew Boxall is reading this, don’t get too bigheaded over that last comment. But why, Matt? You ask. Why is Jimmy Carr intelligent?

Clue’s in the title – he asked the right questions. No “how can you make a living doing that?”; no “but how much did you lose?”; no jokes about online poker being ridiculous. This meant that Piper and Carr could have a decent conversation – in fact, Jimmy immediately realised that maths skills were needed and just asked the standard but not stupid questions. I approved.

I also greatly approved of Piper’s response to “what’s the most you’ve won playing cards?” He said: “Well I’m not comfortable answering that. What’s the most you’ve earned from a gig?” BOOM. Always wanted to say that to someone.

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