BLOG - And she's buying a stairway to high stakes...

BLOG - And she's buying a stairway to high stakes...

Friday, 5 March 2010

What's the best way to create a decent bakroll when you've got hardly any money to start off with?

There's a discussion on the Bluff Europe forums about the challenge of building a bankroll from virtually or literally nothing.
One of our regular posters, elway7, has reached the €170 mark from a
€11 deposit. That's bloody good going - the hard part is over; the
point has come where that's a full bankroll - albiet for microstakes
cash games or tournaments.

I'm on a similar endeavour now - until my 13-month-long insurance
claim is settled, I'm as broke as Stu Ungar after a 4-day; 2 kilogram
bender at the racetrack.

So having cashed in one of PokerStars' £2,000 freerolls
(unfortunately for you guys the last one was last night. I apologise,
genuinely, for not bringing them to your attention) I had $0.55.
I then came third in a $0.25 90-man tournament and cashed in a $0.10
240-man PLO turbo, enjoying the silky caresses of Lady Luck the entire time.
Two nights ago I played some $1.1 Double or Nothings and won a $1.1 90-
man to take my bankroll to $30.

Last night... well, NL2 did not go well. I lost about $7 in $1 and $2
STTs then dropped $11 at NL2.

Yeah, I was not picking up cards. Now, when Chris Ferguson took $1 to
$20,000 he didn't play cash games with less than 20 100BB buy-ins.
Personally I don't think that's enough, I like at least 30, if not 40.
I am a lot looser than Jesus; I like to 3-bet; I like to steal pots.

So why did I play with 15 buy-INS? Well, I think I can afford to take
shots at these monkey stakes and I just have to move back down to $1
Double or Nothings and $0.25 tournaments. Let's root for a few final
tables tonight though.

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