BLAPO Low Stakes Poker Tour Brighton Open Announced

BLAPO Low Stakes Poker Tour Brighton Open Announced

Sunday, 6 September 2009

The BLAPO UK Poker Tour, a low stakes series of tournaments organised by premier pub poker boys BLAPO in association with Bluff Europe, is coming to Brighton. The success of the 2008/9 London legs, the latter of which saw 203 runners sit down at London’s Loose Cannon club, means this can’t be missed.

The tournament is a £30 buy-in on the 19th of September at the Brighton Rendezvous Casino. Registration begins at noon and while it is a case of first come, first served; there are 140 spaces up for grabs and thus a potential prize pool of £3500.

“Following on from the incredible success of the two BLAPO London Pub Poker Opens in 2008 and 2009, we are pleased to announce the next event will be Saturday 19th September,” said a BLAPO press release.

“With a max 140 seats kindly provided by The Rendezvous casino this will be a true turn up and play event.”

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