Australian’s Victory Against the Odds

Australian’s Victory Against the Odds

Monday, 5 August 2013

Poker continued to prove that it’s a sport for the masses this weekend after Jonathan Bredin took down the 2013 ANZPT Queenstown Snowfest.

The reason Jonathan’s victory is significant is that he suffers from cerebral palsy and requires the assistance of a carer to play at the live table.

However, despite his physical limitations, the young Australian proved that his poker mind was still as sharp as any able bodied grinder, after he overcame 126 players to take down his first poker title.

Using a carer and an iPad, Jonathan was able to weave his way through the field and book himself in a final heads-up confrontation with Daniel Laidlaw a familiar cash game grinder on the Australian circuit.

Despite holding a slight chip advantage it was Jonathan who dominated the early exchanges and after placing a severe dent in his opponent's stack he was able to clinch the title with pocket kings.

After watching his opponent move all-in with Ad Qd, Jonathan called with Ks Kc and watched as the board ran out: 3c Kd Js Qs 8c. With that the final pot was pushed his way, as was a winner’s prize of NZ$93,600.

As Jonathan celebrated a final twist in the tale was revealed when his carer showed the tattoo of the exact cards used to scoop the final pot on the young player’s arm.

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