Aussie Millions won by Australian Stewart Scott

Aussie Millions won by Australian Stewart Scott

Monday, 26 January 2009

For the first time since Lee Nelson’s victory in the 2006 Aussie Millions Main Event, the trophy remains on the island as Stewart Scott bested a 680-strong field to take it down, along with a nice AU$2m.

Unfortunately for us over in ye olde England, the chances of a British champion were dashed with the first two eliminations – first Barny Boatman then Richard Ashby departed in 8th and 7th place. Between them they brought AU$250,000 back to the Isles but both will surely be disappointed.
Zach Gruneberg, despite finishing in 6th place, had a fantastic time in Melbourne. He won a freeroll tournament for his $10,500 Main Event entry and received $210,000. Not only that but he won Event #4 for a further $35,000. Not too bad a trip, then!

Sam Capra made a nice return on investment also – he qualified for $330 but earned $300,000 when he finished in 5th. Four-handed play took up a lot of time but eventually the inevitable cooler occurred as AA met KK and Peter Rho’s 4-1 underdog hand made top set on KT5 to take out Rajkumar Ramakrishnan.

Play resumed, and 70 hands later, Elliot Smith got it in good with AQ against the A7 of Scott. However, the eventual winner, well, won, spiking a 7 to take play 3-way.

Heads-up, Scott held a massive chip lead and eventually won the tournament in the same way Gus Hansen did – he held AA. This time the chips went in pre-flop and Peter Rho’s AJ was soundly crushed. However he did take home $1m for his 2nd place finish.

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