Aussie Millions H.O.R.S.E. Event Concludes

Aussie Millions H.O.R.S.E. Event Concludes

Friday, 16 January 2009

Just shy of 100 players paid $1,100 to compete in Event #5 of the Aussie Millions; the H.O.R.S.E. event. Perhaps one of the definitive tournaments in which to show your all-round poker skill, the final table of eight returned to the felt on Day 2 to duke it out for the title and $30,380.

The chip counts looked like this at the beginning of the day’s play:

Seat 1: Joe Meissner -- 43,000
Seat 2: Jarred Solomon -- 65,000
Seat 3: Van Marcus -- 123,500
Seat 4: Leo Boxell -- 104,500
Seat 5: David Morton -- 38,500
Seat 6: Michael Guzzardi – 98,000
Seat 7: Kerry Stead -- 81,000
Seat 8: Anthony McNamara -- 34,500

David Morton was the first to go after getting his few remaining chips in during the first round of Stud and being outdrawn by Michael Guzzardi. Boxell lost his stack in a huge Stud Eight pot with Van Marcus and was sent to the rail by Guzzardi a few hands later.

Joe Meissner lost a classic coinflip in Hold ‘em (at last, familiar territory!) when his AK couldn’t catch up with the pocket sixes of that man on fire, Michael Guzzardi. McNamara was bested by both Guzzardi and Van Marcus in a three-way pot to finish fifth.

Guzzardi’s hot streak couldn’t last forever and he found himself short-stacked in the E of H.O.R.S.E.. He was beaten by Jarred Solomon’s simple pair of fours to finish fourth (how deliciously ironic).

Kerry Stead had been quiet at the table and was finally put out in third during Omaha Hi/Lo. He got it in with a straight draw and a low draw, but Solomon showed up with a better low draw and a made straight to leave Stead drawing near-dead.

Heads-up lasted for over two hours, but finally Solomon got it in good with the low pot locked up and a straight draw for high against Marcus’s pair of eights. The 6 on the river filled his straight to ship him the title.

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