Aussie Karl Krautschneider takes down ANZPT

Aussie Karl Krautschneider takes down ANZPT

Monday, 9 February 2009

The PokerStars Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) made its first-ever appearance at the SKYCITY Casino in Adelaide, Australia. Over 200 players made it a 3-day event that culminated in Melbourne resident and online qualifier Karl Krautschneider winning AU$170,215.

Krautschneider dominated the final table as the big stack and by the time play reached the three-handed stage, he had a 2:1 chip lead over the table. With the difference between 3rd and 1st being over $100,000 Karl played to win.

Eventually he reached the heads-up stage with Tony Dunst. In the end Krautschneider put all his chips in on a K42 flop with 9c-8c for a flush draw. Dunst called with K-2 for two pair but the river was the 7c giving Krautschneider the tournament.

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