Atomic Kitten's online poker losses

Atomic Kitten's online poker losses

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Former girl-band singer turned tabloid gossip column regular Kerry Katona has hit the headlines again, this time for playing online poker.

The one time Atomic Kitten told the Daily Star that she “was really good" at the game but gave up after a big losing session.

“I used to do it on the internet, in my bedroom, most of the time off my head on coke," she told the tabloid's Goss column. "I’d be sitting there in bed with a laptop on my lap playing online poker going: ‘Get in. This is dead good this.'
“I’d have a little line of coke and go back online and bet some more.

“I was always really good at it but then one day I lost six grand and I thought: ‘Sh**.’ I was like: ‘F*** that, I’m not playing no more and I never played it again.”

The 32-year-old, whose autobiography was published last week, has struggled with a drug addiction in the past and despite successful TV and music careers was declared bankrupt in 2008.

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