Atlantic Club Casino Attacks PokerStars

Atlantic Club Casino Attacks PokerStars

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Atlantic Club Casino has hit back at the Rational Group (PokerStars' parent company) with claims that they were not fully aware of the poker site’s battles with the US government.

According to John Brennan's Meadowlands Matters blog, the Atlantic City based casino earlier this week stated that they were unaware of the "serious criminal activities" Isai Scheinberg and other members of the Rational Group’s board were accused of.

In addition to claiming they were ignorant of the Rational Group’s hugely publicised dealings with the US government, the ACC claimed that Rational aren't the "innocent victims" they've portrayed themselves as.

Aside from attacking the Rational Group and PokerStars’ integrity, the ACC focused legal argument on a cancellation clause they say was built into the original contract.

In their opinion, this means that they could terminate the deal by a specific date regardless of Rational's interim casino licence application.

The Rational Group refute this claim and will now present evidence to the contrary in an initial court hearing which is scheduled to take place this Friday.

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