Aspers Accumulator Starts Today

Aspers Accumulator Starts Today

Thursday, 24 October 2013

An exciting new tournament format comes to London today in the form of the WPT Aspers Accumulator in Stratford. The event features three opening flights, each with a £200 buy-in with players having the opportunity to play in one, two or all three of them. Their stacks at the end of each flight will then be accumulated into a single stack which they'll take forward to the start of day 2.

Flight 1 starts at 8pm on 24th October with flight 2 starting at 2pm on 25th October. The final 3rd flight follows later that evening at 8pm.

“As all poker players know, no matter how good you are variance will always catch up with you at some point,” said Aspers Poker Manager Jon Scanlon.

“The real luck in poker is not getting unlucky! When you play the accumulator Main Event you increase your chances of making Day 2 as it is less likely (but not impossible) to get unlucky in each of the three flights. Even if you get crippled in the last hand of the day you have the opportunity to add to your stack for Day2 on the next flight giving you a fighting chance to cash or even win the event. I believe this WPT event will allow players to play with more freedom, possibly take a few more chance and make moves they wouldn’t normally consider in a Freezeout.”

Registration will be open until the end of Level 4 but no re-entries are allowed during the same flight. Players will start with a 20K chip starting stack with a 30-minute clock operating during the three opening flights. This will be extended to 40 minutes on day two and 60 minutes on the final day.

There's a busy side event schedule lined up too. Full details can be seen below:

WPTN Experience, 7pm, 26th October, 2013.Buy in - £110 (Inclusive £10 Reg)
WPTN 8 Max Bounty, 2pm, 27th October, 2013. Buy in - £80 (Inclusive £5 Reg)
WPTN Turbo Charged Deepstack, 6pm, 27th October, 2013.Buy in - £55 (Inclusive £5 Reg)

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