Armed robbery at Swiss casino

Armed robbery at Swiss casino

Monday, 29 March 2010

Often when a high profile crime receives a lot of media attention it attracts copycats. After the raid at the EPT tournament in Berlin comes news of another armed robbery of a casino, this time in Switzerland.

A gang of ten armed men struck at the casino is Basle, making off with hundreds of thousands of Swiss francs. After smashing the door with a sledgehammer the gang fired shots into the chandeliers in the main foyer. Casino staff and players were ordered to the ground while the gang, who are believed to be French, filled up bags full of cash. It appears that they failed in their attempt to get into the main safe though.

Thankfully none of the 600 or so gamblers or staff were seriously injured in this incident. According to local police though, “several guests and a member of the security staff were slightly hurt after being hit and kicked by the offenders."

French and Swiss police have set up a joint investigation but according to a police spokesman, "The hunt for the perpetrators has so far been unsuccessful."

Though this robbery wasn't directly related to poker it does raise serious questions about safety and security at high profile events where there are big cash prizes to be won.

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