Antonius wins heads up challenge

Antonius wins heads up challenge

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Patrik Antonius got off to a winning start in the Heads Up Challenge at iGame last night. As part of his new sponsorship deal with the site, the Finn agreed to take on an qualifier in a SNG who stood to win €20,000 if he could best the Finn.

The qualifier was Rui Faria and unfortunately for the Portuguese amateur he walked away without the €20,000 jackpot. After arriving late, it took Antonius 81 hands to seal victory in a match that saw the lead change hands on a number of occasions. With blinds at 800/1,600 (stacks started at 50,000 chips apiece) the chips hit the middle on a 5d3s2d board with the challenger slightly ahead with Qs5s against Antonius’ Ad10d for a flush draw. The turn was a blank but the Kd on the river gave the Finn the nuts and victory.

Rui Faria took home a consolation prize of a €2,000 VIP package with Antonius, according to commentators on the live stream, swiftly returning to some juicy high stakes cash action in Vienna.

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