Antonius resumes battle with IHateJuice

Antonius resumes battle with IHateJuice

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Last month Patrik Antonius went head to head with IHateJuice at the $2k/$4k limit tables. Given the results, IHateGameSelection would have been a better description for the challenger as the Finn booked a very tidy profit.

IHateJuice is nothing if not persistent though, with the pair once again taking to the high stakes tables, this time with a much closer result. Antonius and IHateJuice put in a 1,668 hand session at the $3,000/$6,000 Heads Up Limit Hold'em tables at Full Tilt and after quite a swingy session it was IHateJuice who ended up slightly in front.

It could have been even better for IHateJuice though who at one stage took $241k and then $493k from Antonius's bankroll. On both occasions the Finn fought back strongly eventually closing the session down by just $71k, almost break even given the millions of dollars that were wagered throughout the evening.

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