Antonius Takes On LeggoPoker’s AEJones.

Antonius Takes On LeggoPoker’s AEJones.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Many people claim that training instructors at video sites can’t cut it in the biggest games, but CardRunners’ Cole South and Brian Townsend have been silencing critics. LeggoPoker’s aejones also had a go, proving he’s unafraid to take on anyone by sitting down for a heads-up session against Patrik Antonius.

At first, aejones got off to a flying start and seemed ready to take the Finn for a good sum of money. But, of course, at $500/$1,000 the big swings do happen and eventually Patrik clawed his way back to finish the session a $391,000 winner.

Of course, it does help when the deck goes your way – in one $232,000 pot, Antonius 3-bet pre-flop with Jd-Td. The LeggoPoker instructor called and was delighted to flop top pair with AJ on a JT6 board. The two ended up getting it in on the 9 turn and Aaron found himself drawing very slim – the river couldn’t deliver an ace and the near-quarter million pot went to Antonius.

AEJones is not a staple of the $500/$1,000 games but that performance proves he could be – clearly, if you sit down to play deepstacked heads-up sessions with Patrik Antonius you’re not afraid of anyone.

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