Antonio’s No Sex Prop Bet

Antonio’s No Sex Prop Bet

Monday, 12 August 2013

If recent rumours are to be believed, Antonio Esfandiari could be about to undertake a prop bet of epic proportions.

Never one to shy away from a challenge – especially when there’s money involved – Antonio has apparently made a bet with millionaire amateur Bill Perkins that he can abstain from sex for 1 year.

The bet follows a similar abstinence proposition made earlier that day. In the original wager Perkins bet Esfandiari that he couldn’t go 365 days without eating bread. The price of the bet was $150,000 and Esfandiari gladly accepted. However, after 90 minutes of contemplation and pleaded Esfandiari eventually asked to buy out of the bet for $5,000.

With the desire to issue a challenge still on Perkins’ mind, he took to Twitter soon after initial incident to say “Big bet again. Antonio Esfandiari, no sex of any kind for one year. Can he make it?”

The tweet instantly caused a stir on 2+2 with forum posters eagerly debating whether or not the bet was possible, moreover, was it possible for a famous poker player in his thirties living in Las Vegas.

As of yet Antonio hasn’t officially responded to the tweet and it looks as though it may have been some kind of ploy by Perkins to insight some action. However, if it does turn out to be true then it’s certainly a bet which could have an interesting outcome this time next year.

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