Anton Wigg wins PokerStars EPT Copenhagen

Anton Wigg wins PokerStars EPT Copenhagen

Monday, 22 February 2010

The Danish leg of the PokerStars European Poker Tour saw lots of play, lots of competition and lots of heads-up but only one winner – professional poker player from Stockholm, Anton Wigg.

Despite being down to a 12:1 chip deficit at one stage in the heads-up battle, Wigg recovered to take stacks even and gain a chip lead before the last hand. Francesco De Vivo called Wigg’s 4-bet all-in on the last hand, flipping over Kd-Ts against Wigg’s Ah-Jd.

The board ran out Qh-9h-Qd-2d-8h giving both players diddly squat but allowing Wigg to earn the 3,675,000DKK (around $671,000)prize with ace high. De Vivo had to settle for second, still a seven-figure DKK payout.

The full final table placings and prizes were as follows:

1.Anton Wigg (3,675,000 DKK)
2.Francesco de Vivo (2,275,000 DKK)
3.Morten Klein (1,400,000 DKK)
4.Yorane Kerignard (1,050,000 DKK)
5.Richard Loth (715,000 DKK)
6.Roberto Romanello (570,000 DKK)
7.Morten Guldhammer (425,000 DKK)
8.Jesper Petersen (282,800 DKK)
9.Magnus Borg Hansen (215,000 DKK)

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