Anti-iGaming Senator Hasn't Sent an Email

Anti-iGaming Senator Hasn't Sent an Email

Monday, 9 March 2015

One of the main men leading the charge against online poker in the US, Senator Lindsey Graham, has never sent an email.

Despite being a prominent politician in the US and someone who, apparently, has an acute insight into the risks associated with the igaming industry, Graham told Meet the Press host Chuck Todd in a TV interview that he'd never sent an email.

The reason Graham was on the show was to address the recent email scandal involving Hillary Clinton who allegedly used her personal email account to conduct official business as Secretary of State.

As keen to comment on this as he is RAWA and online gaming, technophobe confidently invited Todd to check every email he's ever sent for one simple reason: he's never sent one.

"I don't email. You can have every email I've ever sent. I've never sent one," said Graham.

The confidence with which he answered will likely baffle many in the igaming world as Graham recently questioned Attorney General, Loretta Lynch about the dangers of online gaming during her confirmation hearing.

Telling her it posed a risk to national security and that he had "evidence" to back it up, the associate of Sheldon Adelson did his best to hijack the meeting and shine a spotlight on RAWA. Fortunately he was cut short that day and now, thanks to his recent revelation, he will hopefully be cut short if he tries to introduce RAWA to the Senate later this year.

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