Another crazy Phil Ivey prop bet

Another crazy Phil Ivey prop bet

Monday, 27 July 2009

While much of the poker community will be cheering on Phil Ivey when the November Nine resume their battle for the Main Event, a couple of top pros will have decidedly mixed feelings.

Phil Gordon revealed on the Full Tilt podcast this week that both he and Andy Bloch have large prop bets with Phil Ivey riding on the outcome of the Main Event. With 2,400 players left and holding just 1/600th of the chips in play, Ivey was given odds of 100/1 on winning the event. Now nine handed, those odds look extremely generous.

Gordon didn’t divulge the exact figures but said that the numbers were “so big that my wife was upset with me that I took the bet. We’re quaking in our boots but Andy is quaking about 20 times more than I am”. The Little Green Book of Poker author added “I’d love to see him (Ivey) win. He’s clearly the best player in the game. Obviously the cheque that I would have to write would hurt…My wife and Andy Bloch are the only two people rooting against Phil Ivey at the final table.”

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