Another challenger for Isildur1 this Sunday

Another challenger for Isildur1 this Sunday

Friday, 25 February 2011

Isildur1 is to compete in his fifth SuperStar Showdown Challenge at PokerStars having dispatched Tony G, Eugene Katchalov and Daniel Cates after losing the inaugural 2,500-hand match against Isaac Haxton.

He gets something of a break now though as his next challenger this Sunday is qualifier “DodgyFish72” who will face Viktor Blom across four heads-up tables. Don’t think it will be a complete walkover, though – DodgyFish72, a Hungarian amateur, qualified through a 124-strong field winning before taking down a heads-up tournament to win the dubious honour of taking on the best heads-up NL player in the world.

The standard SuperStar Showdown format is being adhered to with some minor tweaks – usually, the two players compete at four $50/$100 NL or PLO tables for 2,500 hands with a bankroll of $150,000 and play until the hands are done or one player is bust. This time, it’s four $5/$10 tables and a bankroll of $15,000. Furthermore, DodgyFish72 keeps whatever he has left after 2,500 hands even if he is down at the conclusion of the game.

As added incentive, he gets a $10,000 bonus should he stack Blom across all four tables meaning that he is effectively freerolling for $25,000. Isildur1 won’t be making it easy for him, though.

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