Another WSOP bracelet on eBay – Eskimo Clark’s $1,500 Razz

Another WSOP bracelet on eBay – Eskimo Clark’s $1,500 Razz

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Peter Eastgate’s 2008 WSOP Main Event bracelet has, at the time of writing, just four hours left on the bidding and the current bit is $125,300. However, while all this is going on you can get another WSOP bracelet on eBay for less than $100,000.

On Sunday the 1999 $1,500 Razz bracelet was put up for sale on eBay. This event was won by Paul “Eskimo” Clark though the fact that the eBay seller is in Ireland implies the bracelet is no longer with him. The starting bid for the bracelet is $1,000 but has more than doubled in the past few days.

The bracelet itself is not quite as ornate as the modern bracelets and of course is not a Main Event bracelet so doesn’t contain the hundreds of diamonds and dozens of rubies that Eastgate’s does. However it is over 110g of solid gold with a value of around $5,000.

There are still eight days left to go in the auctioning – if you have over sixty thousand pounds and want to get Eastgate’s bracelet then hurry because there’s hours left. Or no time at all, depending on when you’re reading this.

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