Anonymous tables at Ladbrokes Poker

Anonymous tables at Ladbrokes Poker

Friday, 22 October 2010

Been caught with your hand in the cookie jar a little too often? Regulars finding your play bit too easy to read? If that's the case then logging on at Ladbrokes could be the answer.

Players at Ladbrokes Poker can now take to the tables anonymously thanks to new patent pending software that allows players to hide their aliases and avatars from their opponents.

Kate McLennan, Head of Poker at Ladbrokes Poker, said, “We are really excited about this launch. Never before have poker players been able to play without other players knowing who they are. This brings an added element to the game for people whose playing style maybe recognizable. For those new to the game, it is an opportunity to try some different moves without getting a reputation because players will simply never know who they are playing against.”

If you prefer to know who your opponents are then the usual tables will be running alongside the anonymous versions.

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