Annie Duke's Poker Business Venture

Annie Duke's Poker Business Venture

Friday, 6 June 2014

Many members of the poker world, Daniel Negreanu in particular, might be willing to spit vitriol at Annie Duke, but according to Forbes she has "acute observations about executive decision-making".

Having left the poker world to bluff her way through life as a business expert, Annie is now offering decision-making advice to struggling CEOs and entrepreneurs.

According to the recent article entitled 'A Poker Champion Explains Why You Make Bad Business Decisions', Annie has the ability to turn imperfect information into perfect scenarios thanks to her psychology degree, poker experience and life as a "business woman".

While there's certainly some merit to her poker/business analogies, the article has certainly generated a few snide chuckles from members of 2+2 who were more than happy to correct some of its apparent oversights.

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