Annie Duke runner up on America’s Celebrity Apprentice

Annie Duke runner up on America’s Celebrity Apprentice

Thursday, 14 May 2009

While viewers of The Apprentice in the UK have been wondering about Philip and Kate’s “just good friends” act and just how annoying Lorraine will be, American viewers have been enjoying the celebrity version.

After weeks of tasks Donald Trump finally whittled down the 16-runner field to comedienne Joan Rivers and poker pro Annie Duke. Despite raising much more cash in the final task the heads up battle went against Annie. Trump slowrolled her and Rivers was hired.

Duke’s good run, along with appearances from Erik Seidel, Phil Hellmuth, Perry Friedman has certainly raised poker’s profile and boosted traffic at online sites in the US.

Rivers meanwhile was less than complimentary about poker players in general calling them “beyond white trash” and “scum”. She also charmingly compared Duke to Hitler.

The 2010 series is already in the planning stage and Phil Hellmuth is said to be contemplating an appearance.

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