Annie Duke Talks Finance

Annie Duke Talks Finance

Monday, 5 October 2015

She may not be much of a presence in the poker community anymore but it seems as though mainstream media outlets in the United States are still interested in what Annie Duke has to say.

Despite being reviled by much of the poker community for her role in the UltimateBet debacle in which thousands of players lost money, Duke has reportedly given some of the best financial advice this year.

We all know that professional poker players have strong bankroll management skills and according to a report from USA Today, Duke's words at a meeting of the Investment Management Consultants Association struck a number of chords.

While describing her as a 'poker champion', the USA Today article outlined how Duke used her background in the game and degree in psychology to explain the decision-making processes in financial markets. Explaining that 'poker is a game of decision-making under conditions of uncertainty over time', Duke stated that investing needs to take into account a number of unknown variables.

Taking note of said variables and reading them in the way a poker player would is a great way to make sound investments. Whether it's accounting for future market shifts or exploiting the common thought processes of the average investor, poker, according to Duke, offers a great grounding for financial trading.

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