Annie Duke Talks Business

Annie Duke Talks Business

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Annie Duke might not be able to speak with as much authority about poker to members of the industry as in the past, but it seems she’s found another niche in the world of business conferences.

In a recent article on BizJournals, Duke has been described as someone who is akin to a cognitive psychologist and is able to fuse her poker knowledge with her business brain.

Indeed, after speaking at a World Café event last week, Duke explained to interested business leaders that they often fail to improve because they don't learn from their bad decisions. Likening them to poker pros whose progress is stunted by their inability to see their own mistakes, Duke seems to have persuaded the business community that her advice is relevant and important.

However, while her poker analogies certainly struck and chord with those in attendance, she did offer an insight into her own business past, stating:
"I had a business go into chapter 11 last year and given the information that I had, I think I made pretty good decisions along the way".

While many in the poker industry would disagree that she “made pretty good decisions”, it seems that Annie has now been able to move away from poker and put her skills as an orator to good use.

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