Annie Duke Speaks

Annie Duke Speaks

Monday, 20 May 2013

“Knowing what I know today, I would have never encouraged anyone to play on the site under that management” said Annie Duke in a recent Facebook post.

Following Phil Hellmuth’s public statement regarding the Russ Hamilton audio recording, Annie Duke has also taken some time to publicly address the tape and her innocence in the cheating scandal at Ultimate Bet.

After listening to the conversation between Hamilton and certain members of the Ultimate Bet board, Duke has said that she regrets “having been associated with the people that were involved in this conspiracy”.

During the time of the cheating and immediately following its exposure Annie was one of the site’s main ambassadors and was active in trying to promote the brand and recruit players.

However, since the company was shutdown and more evidence has come to light, Annie has distanced herself from the incident.

In her post she apologises for representing the company during the scandal but also says that she wasn’t implicated in any way. At one point in the recording her name is mentioned by Hamilton, however, she explains that the “15 minute delay” that she was privy to was only used for TV commentary.

She backs up this claim with statements from her former co-commentator John Vorhaus and UB Pro Relations Mangers, Joanne Priam, who said: “it was impossible for her to do anything more than view a screen and commentate as requested.”

The leaked audio recordings have certainly stirred up the issue once again and, in the coming weeks, we could certainly see more revelations emerge from the incident.

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