Andy Bloch in sick cupcake prop bet

Andy Bloch in sick cupcake prop bet

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The World Series may be the most prestigious tournament series in the world but it also provokes some of the silliest prop bets imaginable.

Take this one from Howard Lederer. The Professor challenged Andy Bloch to eat 24 gourmet cupcapes in 90 minutes while playing in the $5,000 shootout. Now we can think of a few poker players whose physique would be better suited to a challenge like this but with $25,000 on offer if he could manage it, Bloch literally stepped up to the plate.

Sadly for the former MIT blackjack ace, he couldn't manage the gluttonous feed. Writing on his Twitter account Bloch said, “quit at 6. I have offered 5k for 15 and 10k for 20. Don’t think he’s going to try”.

We can't say we blame him.

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