Andy Beal spotted playing at Bellagio

Andy Beal spotted playing at Bellagio

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The high-stakes Limit Hold ‘em matches played between billionaire mathematician Andy Beal and a group of the world’s best poker players known as The Corporation are legendary, with millions of dollars changing hands in a match that reached stakes as high as $100,000/$200,000.

It’s no wonder, then, that the Two Plus Two forums were buzzing when the forum user BCT posted that he had just seen Andy Beal at The Bellagio. Others confirmed his story, saying that Beal had been playing with Jennifer Harman, Phil Ivey and Eli Elezra. Beal swore off poker when Ivey took him for $16,600,000 in their last match.

Unlike Guy LaLiberte, Beal actually challenges the pros when he takes them on. Limit Hold ‘em is his specialty and it took the best Limit Hold ‘em player in the world – Phil Ivey – to stop him. Billionaire Beal holds the record for the largest winning cash game session in a single day after taking The Corporation for $11.7m.

If a new corporation would form to take on Beal then it’s likely we’d see even higher matches – Beal’s net worth is now somewhere in the region of seven billion dollars while the fortunes of poker pros have skyrocketed since the boom.

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