Andrew Robl Pays Paul Phua's $1.5 Million Bail

Andrew Robl Pays Paul Phua's $1.5 Million Bail

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

US high stakes pro Andrew Robl has reportedly offered up $1.5 million in bail money to facilitate the release of Paul Phua.

Robl, who plays in many of the biggest cash games in the world, including Macau, said an official declaration vouching for his "friend of four years", Phua, and offering to pay the bulk of his $2 million bail.

Phua was recently arrested in Las Vegas accused of running an illegal World Cup betting ring and his bail was initially set at $2 million.

Robl was one of the first pros players to lend his support and according to the official declaration the $1.5 million will was made available in the form of Aria poker chips.

In accordance with the law, he states that the poker chips form part of his winnings from a recent session at the Aria and are "completely independent" from the two suspects.

At present Phua is awaiting the outcome of the case and currently has Phil Ivey's lawyer representing him in court.

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