Andrew Chen wins NAPT Bounty Shootout event at PCA

Andrew Chen wins NAPT Bounty Shootout event at PCA

Monday, 17 January 2011

The flagship series of the PokerStars live tournament circuit is undoubtedly the PCA, which is why it boasts the honour of being an NAPT and EPT event. We don’t know why they don’t just slap on a LAPT title, too – if it’s in Europe then it’s in Latin America.

Anyway, this means that the $5,000 NAPT Bounty Shootout event must take place. Filmed by ESPN cameras, the event saw 216 entrants pay up with a $1,000 bounty on every head and a winner-take all prize for defeating your table. This is why when we print the prizes out they look skewed, we’re not on crack or anything.

Canadian pro Andrew Chen faced a final table featuring Shaun Deeb and Michael Binger and eventually it was just the three of them left after Chen had added a couple of thousand to his salary after eliminating players. The defining hand of the tournament took place three-handed, though, when Chen was dealt the right side of an AA v TT cooler against Shaun Deeb.

This left him with a huge chip lead and Deeb was crippled, moving in the next hand with 9c-3c after Michael Binger had shoved with 9h-6d. Chen held Ah-Jh and called, holding up with a turned flush to eliminate both players and pick up $2,000 more to add to his $200,000 for beating the table, plus his other bounties and two previous table prizes. All told, he took home $269,000.

The full payouts for the final table were as follows:
1.Andrew Chen $269,000
2.Michael Binger $56,000
3.Shaun Deeb $83,000
4.Scott Baumstein $57,000
5.Marko Neumann $55,000
6.William Pilossoph $54,000

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