Andorra Considers Online Regulation

Andorra Considers Online Regulation

Saturday, 20 December 2014

One of the smallest states in Europe is planning to regulate online poker and open its first live casino in 2015.

Andorra might have a population of just 85,000 people, but the country receives almost 10 million visitors each year; an economy that contributes 60% of the country's GDP.

Although the tourist trade is still going strong in Andorra, the country is looking at new ways to increase its annual turnover and online poker is being seen as one such way.

Following legislation talks back in 2013, the government is planning to open a brick and mortar venue in 2015 and then put together a plan to bring online poker into the mix.

As yet there have been no concrete plans, but if the plans come to fruition then it may involve a playerpool sharing deal with neighbouring France and Spain.

In fact, if cross border pacts could be formed, then it would represent the first example of liquidity sharing in Europe. Moreover, if said pacts proved successful, it could open the door to more playerpool sharing between more countries across Europe.

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