An Olympic greeting from Tony G

An Olympic greeting from Tony G

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

No, your eyes weren't deceiving you during the Olympic Opening Ceremony, that really was Tony G stood behind the Lithuanian flag carrier on Friday night.

Guoga, who is managing the Lithuanian basketball team at London 2012, has blogged about his Games so far. How his team plans to spring a “massive upset” on the American Dream Team, what the poker action is like at the games (Greeks and Americans like to play) and how impressed he is with the performance of 15 year-old Lithuanian swimmer Ruta Meilutyte (who won gold last night).

And the Opening Ceremony experience itself? “I was trying to see if I could see Phil Hellmuth in the crowd,” said G, “I know he’s around as a cheerleader for the human dolphin Michael Phelps but he’s not in the village. Probably wise, don’t need a village idiot!”

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