Amir Babakhani Scoops Canadian WPT

Amir Babakhani Scoops Canadian WPT

Friday, 10 May 2013

After five days of action inside the Playground Poker Club, this year’s WPT Canadian Spring Championship has come to a close and crowned a new champion in the form of Amir Babakhani.

Taking place inside a mock boxing ring, the final table was less of a fight and more of a demolition as Babakhani used his chip lead to devastating effect. Indeed, after Jonathan Bardier took out fellow short stack Martin Leblanc in the early stages, it was Babakhani who then dispatched with Bardier.

Now with an imposing stack, Babakhani was able to sit back and watch as Jason Duval ousted Tao Liang in fourth place before he sprung back into life. With only two players in his way, Babakhani first used his momentum to eliminate Duval after his opponent 3-bet all-in with Qs 9s. Babakhani made the call with As 4c and despite a scare on the Jh 10h 3s flop, the Js and 3h on the turn and river gave him another important pot.

Holding the chip lead as heads-up play began, it took more than an hour for Babakhani and Barry Kruger to contest an all-in. In the end it was Babakhani who held the advantage over Kruger’s 5h 4h with the slightly better 8c 5s. With the board showing 5c 5d 3d, the 2c and Qc on the turn and river soon brought the hand and the tournament to a close making Babakhani the newest member of the WPT’s Winners Club.

Final Result:
1st: Amir Babakhani - $442,248
2nd: Barry Kruger - $272,555
3rd: Jason Duval - $199,029
4th: Bobby Liang - $136,700
5th: Martin Leblanc - $102,251
6th: Jonathan Bardier - $81,767

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