Ami Barer Beats Sorel Mizzi to Aussie Millions Title

Ami Barer Beats Sorel Mizzi to Aussie Millions Title

Monday, 10 February 2014

Sorel Mizzi narrowly missed out on success Down Under on Sunday after he was unable to overcome Ami Barer on the final table of the Aussie Millions Main Event.

Having made their way past more than 660 players over the course of seven days, the two Canadians found themselves heads-up for the title after seeing off some stiff competition during the finale.

The first player to fall in the seven-handed showdown was a short-stacked Scott Seiver. Having started the session with a desire to gamble, Seiver eventually committed his stack with pocket eights and found a willing caller in the form of Darren Rabinowitz holding As Td.

Sweating a coin flip, Seiver instantly saw his chances of survival drop after the flop rolled out: Ah Jh Ks. The 3h on the turn gave Seiver a glimmer of hope with a flush draw, but as the Jc fell on the river it was all over for the American who had to console himself with a $170,000 payout.

With one of the final's top players now watching from the rails it was the turn of Andrew Phaedonos, Vincent Rubianes, the aforementioned Rabinowitz and Jake Balsigerto hit the rail. That slew of eliminations left just Mizzi and Barer fighting for the $1.6 million top prize.

When the remaining hands were dealt it was Barer who held a 3:1 chip lead and within a few hands the match was over when Mizzi moved all-in with Qd 8d against his opponent's pocket aces. Having the odds against him, Mizzi could only let out a rueful smile as the board ran out: 2c Ks 2h 3h Ad.

With no more cards left to come and no more ammo to fire, Mizzi congratulated Barer and slipped into the shadows as confetti rained down on the latest Aussie Millions champion.

$10,600 Aussie Millions Main Event Result:
1st Ami Barer - $1,600,000
2nd Sorel Mizzi - $1,000,000
3rd Jake Balsiger - $650,000
4th Darren Rabinowitz - $450,000
5th Vincent Rubianes - $335,000
6th Andrew Phaedonos - $250,000
7th Scott Seiver - $170,000

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