Amer Sulaiman wins LAPT Playa Machal

Amer Sulaiman wins LAPT Playa Machal

Monday, 23 November 2009

Amer Sulaiman outlasted a field of 259 players to win the latest Latin American Poker Tour event in Playa Machal in Costa Rica. The Iraqi-born Canadian was an unlikely winner, only entering the tournament because he happened to be on holiday on the Caribbean island.

While his travelling companion may not have appreciated his decision to play at the time she’s no doubt delighted now after Sulaiman picked up $172,095 for the win.

The 45-year navigated his way through a final table that included Patrick De Koster, Carlos Giron, Darren Keyes, Francis-Nicolas Bouchard, Eric Levesque and Rogelio Pardo to set up a heads up clash with fellow Canadian Sol Bergen.

Play was extremely cagey two-handed with neither player wanting to make a mistake. The chips eventually went in with Sulaiman holding top pair and Bergren an open ended straight draw. An Ace and queen on the turn and river helped neither player giving Sulaiman his biggest poker victory to date. Sulaiman also becomes the first Canadian to win an LAPT event.

The tour now takes to the seas for the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure in January before heading to Chile in March.

The final table positions and payouts were as follows.

1 $172,095 Amer Sulaiman

2 $100,492 Sol Bergren

3 $61,551 Rogelio Pardo

4 $45,221 Eric Levesque

5 $32,660 Francis-Nicolas Bouchard

6 $26,380 Darren Keyes

7 $20,098 Carlos Giron

8 $13,818 Patrick De Koster

9 $9,107 Pandilica Alin

10 $9,107 Steven Merrifield

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