Altergott Becomes the EPT’s Super High Roller

Altergott Becomes the EPT’s Super High Roller

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Max “AltiFC” Altergott has become the EPT’s €100,000 Super High Roller champion as Jason Mercier falls short.

A tense finale in the EPT’s Super High Roller saw Jason Mercier hold the chip lead throughout much of the final table but, ultimately, fell short of scooping the €1,746,400 top prize.

A third day of action began yesterday with Mike Watson hitting the rail after his KQ failed to overcome the pocket aces of Sorel Mizzi.

With Watson watching from the rail, Scott Seiver, Vladimir Troyanovsky and Timothy Adams all suffered similar fates as negative variance thwarted their chances of an EPT trophy.

Three-handed it looked as though Sorel Mizzi would take down the title, however, after a deal was denied he let his chip lead slip before he made a bold play with KQ. Altergott matched Mizzi’s move with pocket jacks and after making a full house he sent Mizzi to the rail and snatched the chip lead.

Known online as one of the toughest heads-up players in the world, “AltiFC” wasn’t prepared to discuss a deal and just a few hands into their confrontation he was able to cripple Mercier in a huge pot.

After Mercier’s pair of sevens and flush draw couldn’t overcome Altergott’s pocket queens, the former was left with just a few chips and the very next hand the match was over. An all-in by Mercier with Td 6d prompted a quick call from Altergott with Jc 9s and after the board rolled out: Kh 6c 5h 7s 8c it was Germany’s Max Altergott who scooped his first live title.

“I felt quite confident because I’m used to playing many of these guys online, so I had a good feeling about how they play. It was a challenge for me though. It feels really good to beat those guys. I won’t lie – my heart was beating like crazy at the end.” said the winner.

€100,000 Super High Roller Result:

1 Max Altergott €1,746,400
2 Jason Mercier €1,115,700
3 Sorel Mizzi €679,100
4 Timothy Adams €485,100
5 Vladimir Troyanovsky €339,500
6 Scott Seiver €266,900
7 Mike Watson €218,300

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