Allen Aces GUKPT Grand Final

Allen Aces GUKPT Grand Final

Monday, 25 November 2013

All eyes may have been on Sam Grafton heading into the final stages of this year's GUKPT Grand Final, but as the defending champion slipped away in 11th place, it was Richard Kellett who took control of proceedings.

Leading the way at the start of yesterday's finale, Kellett looked like the man to beat after outpacing some tough talent, including the aforementioned Grafton and former EPT champion, Zimnan Ziyard. When the final nine watched the first cards hit the felt it was Pratik Ghatge who suffered an early setback after his As Ks lost the remainder of his stack in an all-in coup Thomas Bichon's Kd Kh.

With the exit now sitting wide open, a number of players would now flirt with elimination. However, it would take more than three hours for the second elimination of the final table to occur. On this occasion, a pair and a flush draw was good enough for Will Kassouf to move all-in with on a Qc 2h Ah. After tabling Qh 9h he found himself with a sweat as Allen's Kh Th had a number of outs to snatch the lead from him.

By the time the 8h fell on the river the hand was over and a dejected Kassouf could only watch as the inconsequential river prompted the dealer to push the remainder of his chips towards Allen.

Now down to seven, an increase in pace saw the demise of Thomas Bichon, Richard Kellett, Scott Margerson and Ben Jackson before a three-way tussle ensued. At this point in the finale the action reached a new level of insanity as Allen, Matt Davenport and Rudolph Fourie all doubled up multiple times.

Eventually something had to give and after taking one too many risks, Davenport hit the rail in third to leave Allen and Fourie to engage in a two hour battle for the title. The chips finally went into the middle thanks to a 5d 7s 9s board. With Fourie holding Js 8s he had numerous outs to clinch the hand; however, as the turn and river failed to improve his hand, it was Allen's Kd Qs that clinched the pot and the 2013 GUKPT Grand Final title.

£2,000 GUKPT Grand Final Result:
1st – £158,700 – Kevin Allen
2nd – £105,800 – Rudolph Fourie
3rd – £70,600 – Matt Davenport
4th – £41,200 – Ben Jackson
5th – £31,700 – Scott Margerson
6th – £25,900 – Richard Kellett
7th – £20,000 – Thomas Bichon
8th – £15,600 – Will Kassouf
9th – £11,100 – Pratik Ghatge

Image courtesy of the GUKPT.

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