Alleged Theft at EPT Malta Hotel

Alleged Theft at EPT Malta Hotel

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Another case of poker players having their rooms compromised at an EPT event came to light this week thanks to forum post by 'OurSurveySays'.

The online and live pro recently took part in the EPT Malta event and stayed in one of the event's associated hotels, Hilton Malta.

Despite paying €250 and premium prices for food, drink and entertainment, the player had a pile of money stolen from his room. Although not a huge amount by his standards, the €1,000 in cash was taken by someone while he was out of the room enjoying a massage.

According to his account of the situation, he'd asked for his room not to be cleaned but when he returned later in the day it had been cleaned and the money beside his bed was gone. After searching his room he proceeded to contact the hotel's security manger who, according to 'OurSurveySays', "had a really bad attitude".

After numerous attempts to get a resolution from members of the hotel's reception and the security manager who'd "been on holiday that week", 'OurSurveySays' eventually contacted EPT Travel. The staff were able to arrange a meeting with the security manager. Unfortunately, a denial by the cleaners and a less than helpful attitude from the manager meant the player was forced to return home without his money.

The player was keen to stress that he doesn't blame the EPT or the hotel, which he actually loved, but made it clear the manager was extremely unhelpful. This incident isn't the first time a player has run into trouble at an EPT event. Thanks to the high profile of the events, hotels full of high rolling poker players often become a target for criminals.

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