All Wright on the Night at IPO

All Wright on the Night at IPO

Monday, 22 April 2013

It might not quite be in the Moneymaker range of rags to riches successes but Michael Wright has plenty of reasons to celebrate investing in a cheap satellite after taking down the International Poker Open yesterday.

Wright secured his seat at Aspers for just a fiver and managed turn it into a whopping first prize of £10,105 after working his way through a field of 343 runners at the East London venue.

After a chop was agreed when play went five-handed, Wright went on an elimination spree, first knocking out Saulius Tumosa when his AK prevailed against Tumosa's KQ. Sandeep Phull was the next to go, and in somewhat unfortunate style. Wright was in bad shape holding Qc10c against Phull's Kd10d but a club on the flop followed by two more on the turn and river sent Phull to the rail.

Paul Wimbledon exited in third, his QJ unable to come from behind against Wright's K-10. That pot gave Wright a six to one chip advantage heading into heads up play with Andy Sotiriou and he didn't need long to put it to his advantage, albeit in unorthodox fashion.

After an initial raise from Sotiriou, Wright checked a 5c4cKd board. Sotiriou moved all in with Wright quickly making the call, tabling an unlikely 3s4h for bottom pair. Sotiriou needed help but his AcTc had plenty of outs. None arrived on either the turn or river to give Wright the title and a six-figure score.

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